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Automation Integration

Crafting Tomorrow’s Factories, One Integration at a Time.

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Enhance Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Expert Automation Integration

Are you seeking to elevate your industrial processes to new levels of efficiency and productivity? Look no further. With a wealth of experience spanning decades, we bring you a comprehensive suite of services in automation systems integration. Whether you’re embarking on a modernization journey or expanding your capabilities, our profound understanding of industrial automation combined with a track record in top-tier manufacturing industries ensures transformative results.

Streamlined Excellence: Your Path to Success

Why wrestle with the complexities of automation integration when you can leverage our expertise to propel your projects forward? We specialize in outsourcing your automation integration design, implementation, and maintenance needs. By doing so, you not only save precious time and resources but also avoid the pitfalls of unforeseen costs. Let us collaborate seamlessly with your in-house team or industrial system integrators to ensure meticulously planned projects that stay on track. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality, yielding a remarkable return on investment (ROI).

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A Symphony of Integration

Automation system integration is more than just a process—it’s a tailored orchestration of safe, low-risk production automation technology. Drawing from our extensive experience, we create a harmonious blend of cutting-edge products and existing systems, delivering optimal productivity at every step. From manufacturing and packaging to logistics, craft breweries, food and beverage, and wastewater facilities, our automation systems integration services span diverse industries. Seamlessly integrating various production systems, we’re your partner in realizing enhanced production capabilities and robotic process automation on existing equipment.

Why Entrust Us with Your Vision?

As your chosen integrator, we take immense pride in transforming manufacturing industries through Industrial Controls, Robotics and automation. Our commitment extends to transparent communication about design, functionality, flexibility, pricing, project timelines, and anticipated outcomes. Count on us to seek out pioneering factory automation solutions, streamline existing installations, enable data collection, and tackle troubleshooting. From conceptualization to commissioning, our network of skilled system integrators, refined through decades of combined experience, ensures your success.
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Empowering Your Future Through Integration

Our automation systems integration services are your gateway to a seamlessly integrated manufacturing ecosystem. We offer comprehensive solutions, including:

PLC/PAC Design and Programming

SCADA Design and Programming

HMI Design and Programming

Industrial Networking Design and Configuration

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Logging and Reporting (MES)


Motion Servo Control

Variable Speed (Frequency) Drives

CAD Design


Process Improvement Strategies

Emergency Field Services

Control Board Repair

Machine/Process Breakdown Support

Your Bridge to a Seamless Future

Why wait to experience the benefits of automation systems integration?

As your integrator, we’re dedicated to advancing your manufacturing capabilities through reliable and advanced solutions. From seamless upgrades and staying ahead of the industry curve to safeguarding your operations against breakdowns, we’re your unwavering partner.

Seamless Upgrades for Uninterrupted Growth

Integrating automated production lines into your existing processes is more than a mere upgrade—it’s a guarantee of seamless operations and maintenance. With suppliers rapidly phasing out support for older parts and equipment, sticking to legacy systems is counterproductive.

As your integrator, we guide you toward modern production automation platforms, design tailored integration strategies, and execute them seamlessly.

A machine is making cups in a factory using automation integration.
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Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Support

In the ever-evolving world of automation, information is the cornerstone of success. Our close ties with top-tier suppliers nationwide empower us to provide you with the latest advancements in automation maintenance. When you partner with us, you're assured of staying ahead of the curve and benefiting from the most advanced solutions available.

Uninterrupted Operations, Always

The manufacturing industry never sleeps, and neither do we. With a deep understanding of the critical nature of production, we offer emergency breakdown support that keeps your facility running smoothly. Backups are your lifeline, and we provide comprehensive site backups on our server, ensuring you're equipped to tackle catastrophic failures. Count on our experienced team to respond swiftly, getting your automated production line up and running without costly downtimes.

Experience Automation Excellence Today

Discover the transformative power of automation systems integration.

Whether you’re seeking streamlined upgrades, cutting-edge support, or uninterrupted operations, we’re your dedicated partner. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your manufacturing facility through production automation and automation maintenance. Your success is our commitment.