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Repair Services

Reviving Reliability, One Repair at a Time. Your Equipment, Our Expertise – Restored and Ready to Perform.

Three gears on a black background representing industrial automation.
A close-up of gear in a machine used for factory automation maintenance and Industrial Repair Services.
A factory conveyor belt with automated integration and blue cups needing repairs.

Precision Repairs, Agile Solutions

In the heart of a thriving economy, manufacturing is the engine that powers progress. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure this vital sector never falters.

Agile Factory Automation is the trusted force that keeps the industry moving. We specialize in top-tier manufacturing maintenance and emergency industrial repair services, upholding our economy’s foundation.

What makes us exceptional? Our industrial repair services are extraordinary. Our specialists are true masters, experts across multiple fields. We don’t just fix; we excel.

With nearly a century of combined experience in manufacturing and industrial troubleshooting, our service partners are your ultimate problem solvers. Challenges are our stepping stones to swift, efficient, and effective solutions.

Experience Georgia’s premier repair services today. We don’t just sustain industry; we propel it forward.

Industrial Repair Services and Maintenance

Revolutionizing Repairs, One Agile Step at a Time

Elevating Industry Standards with Precision Maintenance and Repairs. We keep your machinery humming, downtime at bay, and productivity soaring, defining a new era of manufacturing excellence.

Programmable Logic/Automation Controller (PLC/PAC)

Elevate your automation with expert PLC/PAC diagnostics, troubleshooting, upgrades, and tailored solutions. From legacy to cutting-edge systems, we've got you covered at every step.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programming

Elevate Operator-Machine Interaction with HMI Programming. Our experts ensure intuitive, up-to-date interfaces. From buttons to full redesigns, we're your solution for seamless communication.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Programming and Troubleshooting

Streamline Operations with VFD Programming and Troubleshooting. Our experts ensure smooth processes, saving you from costly repairs. We can diagnose and program your motor control devices.

Automated Manufacturing Equipment

Simplify Automated Manufacturing Challenges. With years of experience and ongoing training, we expertly diagnose and troubleshoot complex automated machinery, making your job easier.

Advanced Hydraulics Troubleshooting

From intricate servo valves to basic HPUs, we excel in diagnosing and resolving issues in ever-evolving hydraulic systems. Count on our skilled technicians for precision solutions.

Mechanical Repair and Rebuild

Revive Your Equipment with Expert Mechanical Repair & Rebuild. From packaging machines to hydraulics, we breathe new life into manufacturing gear. Whether off-site or on-location, trust us for seamless solutions.

Process Controls

Optimize control systems to boost plant performance with precision process controls. We troubleshoot and fine-tune control loops, addressing issues beyond just tuning for top-tier results.

Roller Repair

Save on Roller Replacement Costs. Our dedicated shop repairs and rebuilds all types of rollers, from bent shafts to broken bearings. Trust us to keep your operations rolling smoothly.

Our experienced technicians provide immediate assistance for manufacturing maintenance and emergency repairs.

Rapid Repairs, Reliable Results

When Time Matters, We Deliver!

Contact Agile Factory Automation for fast and reliable equipment repairs to keep your production on track.